Plan for Playground Project:

2020 Legacy of Play Contest Winner

Kiwanis International & Landscape Structures

“All Inclusive Playground”

Early Risers Club of Worthington MN

Note: During the process of this project, the committee discussed that they wanted to share with others the success with the plan they developed for this playground. So, here it is. We hope you may find it helpful for your project(s) in the future. We will help you in anyway possible, just contact us.


  • Good Committee – a MUST of 5 club members & treasurer
    • Choose 2 to be co-chairs
  • Contact Landscape Structures for a representative to meet with your club
    • Have an evening meeting so have plenty of time
  • Meet w/City representative (park department)
  • Chose every piece of equipment from their catalog
  • Budget/costs (approximate)
  • Group text for committee members to communicate
  • Stay in communication
  • KEEP CLUB informed along the way – it’s the CLUB project, not yours


Create the following spreadsheet in alphabetical order for convenience with address, etc. going across the top: these are ones you want/need to contribute

  • Businesses
  • Organizations
  • Individuals
  • Possible “in kind” list
  • Address, phone number and contact person for all
  • Columns:
    • Committee members to contact each one of the above
    • Date of contact/visit/presentation
    • Response:  yes, no, amount, etc.
    • Share this with committee members as you update it


  • Research all kinds of grants that pertain to children, playgrounds, etc.
    • Local – some organizations have grants, so be sure to ask
    • Regional – state has grants
    • Matching – apply for these with the completed information to give a good presentation.  If not, you will be denied.
    • Kiwanis – Legacy of Play with Landscape Structures
  • Spreadsheet
    • List all grants researched, again with columns going across the top
    • Date of application
    • Amount requesting
    • Date of acceptance
    • Amount received
    • Date of denial
    • Name of committee member responsible for any certain grant
    • Later:  separate those non/applicable to the bottom and label it as N/A
    • Keep active/current on the top of the list
  • Write:
    • Committee members:
      • Smaller/easier ones, can write separately, review with committee before submitting.  More eyes the better.
      • Larger ones, each member write, then…..
    • Meet together to compile
    • Submit
  • Keep copies of all grants written
    • Good reference to use for later grant applications


  • Design by committee member (to save money) & print
  • Email to local printer run thru copier – less expensive
  • Distribute to members to hand out


  • Local person print
    • Design basically the same as front of brochure
  • 2 colors only (pink & royal blue with white print)
  • “Made in USA” important
  • Good quality cotton, not poly/cotton
  • Youth and adult sizes
  • Sold for $20.00 adult and $15.00 youth
  • Wear these wherever you go
  • All members purchase one
  • Members wear for all outside functions


  • “Selling” Binder
    • Playground pieces:
      • Picture of each w/price and 3 bullet points about it
      • place in plastic sleeves
    • Each committee member has a complete binder
    • Pocket:  Club brochure with International brochure inside
    • Other Pocket:  Project brochure
    • “Cheat Sheet”
      • Basic facts and details of project
      • Print on a colored sheet of paper
      • Paper clip this with: playground brochure in front and the club brochure & International brochure together behind the sheet
      • Hand out if the contact person isn’t available, but stop back later
    • Pen:  optional, but print with name of playground, club name & city
      • Amsterdam, example, sells very reasonable
  • Main Binder divisions:
  • Grant applications
  • Spreadsheet of grants
  • Spreadsheet of contacts
  • Publicity/Scrapbook:
  • News articles
  • Pictures printed of the progress

“Hit the Street”:

  • Binder for each committee member:
    • Picture of each piece of equipment w/price & 3 point description
    • Plastic sleeve
  • Divide spreadsheet of businesses, etc.
    • If a committee member knows someone personally
    • Be sure they contact that person/business
  • Go in pairs:
    • Take binder
    • Take project brochures
    • Take club brochure with Kiwanis International brochure inside w/application
    • Give club members to go with 1 committee member BUT never w/out them
    • INVITE them to attend your meetings
      • This is where a good club brochure is very important
  • Spreadsheet of contacts
  • Mark and/or make notes on this immediately after each visit


  • Greet: 
    • Introduce yourself
    • Ask for 5 to 10 minutes (no longer)
  • Brief summary of project
  • Show prices & pictures
  • Give project brochure w/contact information
  • Give club brochure
  • Tell when club meets & invite
  • “Thank You”



  • Schedule organizations to present the project
  • Same as above


  • Purchase (2) 2’x3’ black frames to place 4 large pictures of the project
  • Keep all spreadsheets up to date:
    • Visits
    • Grants
  • Email spreadsheets to committee members periodically
  • Share – Share – Share between committee members
  • Be open to ideas – sometimes can be dumb but laugh it off
  • Each crew that worked on the playground:
    • Received morning snack (breakfast) and afternoon snack
    • Received hot noon lunch made by members
    • Sign-up sheet for members to supply above
    • The crews loved it
    • Great time to get to know them
    • Cuts cost of project
  • Pictures of the progress
    • Text/email to club members periodically
    • Text/email to family & friends
  • Publicity:
    • Contact local newspaper to cover information, delivery, progress, etc. of project
    • Legacy of Play contest:
      • Radio station:  place information on their website & announce PSAs (all free)
      • Area newspapers or bulletins
      • Hand out information to call and vote at grocery stores, etc.
    • Club Facebook:
      • Place pictures/videos of progress
  • Video of progress – put pictures together for publicity, etc.


Plan a community event at the playground, serving hot sandwiches or hot dogs, chips, water. 

Questions? contact us at [email protected]