Many discussions have been held with this question: “How or why did you join Kiwanis?

The Early Risers are sharing with you some of their stories of how and why they joined Kiwanis. Remember, there are no two the same and that’s what makes these stories so interesting.

Club’s meeting time:

“I frequently had classes assigned to me over the noon hour. The only Kiwanis Club option met during the noon hour. When I heard there was interest in an Early Risers Kiwanis Club, I acted on the opportunity and became a charter member. This was one of the better decisions I have made. I have enjoyed all of the opportunities Kiwanis has afforded me.” ~ Dale

Projects and Service:

“I joined the Early Risers Kiwanis because a friend who is a member of our local club told me about all the good things the organization was doing for our youth and the good of the community.   I attended a meeting and was impressed as I learned about the club members were greeters at the elementary school, the club’s commitment to take care of the community parks, the handicapped accessible playground they installed at Chautauqua Park, among other projects. I am proud to be a member of such a viable and other-focused organization!” ~ Karla

“I was the Safety Director for the company I worked for, and did presentations for Fire and Police Departments, Service Organizations, etc. in Southwestern Minnesota. Part of my job evaluation was to be a part of a Service Organization. Of all the service organizations I had spoken to, I was the most impressed with Early Risers and knew it was the best fit for me, so I became a part of the Club in 1993.”

~ Clair

“Jacoba introduced me to Kiwanis and Curt encouraged me to join, explaining to me all the neat projects the Early Risers Kiwanis group does in the community. The club working together to dedicate our time to helping children of the world.” ~ LeAnne

“I promised “service” after my husband passed. I acknowledged the fact I was of service for elderly, but needed to fulfill that service with children. After working with kids for 40 years, I recognize the need to help Kiwanis be of service to young ones. I want to help our community in all aspects of enabling creation of advantageous opportunities for community involvement. ” ~ Karen

“I was asked to take a look to fill in for a co-worker. I came and watched for a couple weeks. After seeing all the good that our club does, I had to be a part of something so positive and fun.” ~ Paulette

Life long friends

“I worked men’s retail and sold an outfit to a guy who belonged to Kiwanis. He asked if I knew about Kiwanis, I didn’t, so he told me a little and asked me to attend their meeting if it worked with my schedule. I love early mornings! The Kiwanis mission is amazing, leadership opportunities and enjoyed making life long friends at the club, District and International.” ~ Loreena

Programs & Service

“My husband belonged to the club for many years and would tell me about the programs and speakers every week. It was interesting to hear, so I decided to join. Love working with the kids.” ~ Sherry

I was asked . . .

I was giving a presentation for Kiwanis at their District Convention in Wilmar, Minnesota. I was asked how come I was not a member of Kiwanis. My reply, “I have never been asked.” About 10 seconds after my reply, Joanne asked if I would be interested in joining Early Risers Kiwanis? I said “yes”. Helping our children and local community has provided me a sense of belonging in my adopted home, Worthington, Minnesota. ~ Jay